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Children Of Terror - Still Alive

Extreme Decay - Terror [live]

Screaming Factor

Breath of Despair



NO MANS LAND is 100% punk rock, they have a demo out and soon release an album…INGUS plays punk hardcore ala SSD and minor Threat they have demo out called Hardlife!, HORRID TRUTH plays grindcore, ultra fast and quite political, they have a split tape with THE BOISTEROUS, a punk rock band… DISAFFECTION plays fast HC, crust sound with screeched vocals. ‘Legacy Of Brutality’ is the title of their debut…STOLEN VISIONS plays new school evil HC, they have a demo out… STRENGTH OF UNITY is one of the first generation of HC bands in Malang, they play new school metallic HC a la Morning Again, Congress…From the old school side, there is CONFUSION, they’re quite long enough in the scene… EXTREME DECAY is extreme grind, they have release about 3 tapes, this band is quite productive and they have short songs ! Watch out for their split with mincegodz, AGATHOCLES… SCREAMING FACTOR is HC with metal touch, influenced by the likes of 25 Ta Life… M.B.D.P.H. is a fast skapunk band…

ANTIPHATY is crustpunk, they have released an album, ‘W.A.R.’, fast and furious.This band actually is a side project from the guys in NO MAN’S LAND and a local deathmetal band, KERAMAT. They also have a split with EXTREME DECAY… ROLY POLY is a young skapunk band, they’re like Slapstick… SKAHECTIC is a punk band a la Operation Ivy, they have a girl player saxophonist… TODAY IS STRUGGLE plays ’88 old school hardcore, they’re preparing for their 1st release, just wait… HONESTY is a straight edge band, their in the vein of Uniform Choice… THE BABIES have release their debut, ‘Malang City Punk Rockers’, very cool, classic ’77 punk rawk !… WODKA is fast punk, imagine The Exploited mixed with Disfear. They have their songs on their own, but I don’t know when will they release it… DON’T REGRET is modern Oi!punk, ‘Violence Causes’ is the title of their first effort and it is really good album… SKATOOPID is a skapunk too, I don’t know if they have release anything yet… ESCORT Zine is a punk/HC fanzine, issue#1 is already out… MINDBLAST is another zine that covers underground scene, not only HC/punk… Other bands : YOUTH OF STRENGTH (HC), CONVERT (HC), TOMBSTONE (punk), TWIN BEE (punk), DIRECTION FOR USE (HC), STARTING POINT (new school HC), SPIKY IN VENUS (skapunk), MOBSTER (rock n’ roll punk), PUBLIC OF NOISE (HC), SOLASI DIRONSEN (punk), SPEEDY GONZALES (melodic punk), WHAT’S WRONG (punk), URC (HC), DEFINE (HC) .DITULIS OLEH MOHAMMED ANSHAR / ONE SEVEN TWO FANZINE SINGAPORE.